The brand close to women is now also close to the environment, to support the administration of the Municipality of Andria in a project that takes into account the quality of the air we breathe.
The project is called Wiseair and Jadea is now an active part of it, right in the territory where it was born.

The presentation of the initiative was held on 17 October 2023 in the Council Room of the Municipality of Andria. An action strongly supported by the “Remember and Respect” Forum and all the associations that are part of it.
An important input for implementing concrete actions to protect the environment and citizens' health.

There are several supporters of the project: the Municipal Administration, the high schools including the Liceo Scientifico R. Nuzzi and the Archimede Ipsia Institute of Andria, the various associations, the sponsors and the volunteers.

The aim is to bring together many diversities for a single objective: to develop new practices for correct environmental education.
Jadea and WISEAIR therefore start from the air, collecting in real time all the data that determines the purity of the air we breathe.
This is thanks to five control units installed in as many strategic points in the city of Andria, indicated by special green signs that determine the presence of the sensors.

These devices return reliable, understandable and usable data to all citizens through a free app called "IDO", which can be downloaded from any smartphone device.
In this way it is possible to know how the air quality varies based on: peak times, atmospheric conditions or proximity to sources of harmful emissions.

A small step to look better and analyze the world we live in and to start improving it.
A project as clear and transparent as the air we should breathe.

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